Ministry & Church Affiliation

Association of International Gospel Assemblies, Inc.
411 South Third St.
DeSoto, Missouri (USA) 63020

The Internal Revenue Service has given the AIGA the legal right to charter all areas of the ministry, including churches, missions, evangelistic, campgrounds, schools, colleges, or any other not-for-profit church related work.If your Church, Evangelistic Association, Mission, Singing Group, Campground, School, or College is interested in affiliation please contact the AIGA .All Misters and Ministries should download a copy of the AIGA Bylaws. contact us at: Association of International Gospel Assemblies, Inc. 

411 South Third Street DeSoto, Missouri 63020 / USA 1-636-586-3641

Fillable and downloadable forms can be accessed by clicking the following link: 

AIGA application forms

AIGA credentials officially recognizes a preacher’s God-given ministry which has already been proven. These credentials are given that our ministers may have the benefit of equal rights by law and in business with ministers of other religious organizations.


May be issued to a person who has a call on his or her life to work for the Lord in some field other than that of preaching, pastoring or evangelizing. This may include Choir Director, musician, Sunday School Superintendent, teacher, hospital visitation worker, house-to-house visitation, altar worker, street or jail service worker, or a ministry other than that of preaching.


May be issued to a person that is working part  time, who is not supported through his or her ministry; a person who is working under the leadership of a more mature minister. This credential is to be used by all those who have felt the call to preach and are just starting out in the ministry. The person holding this credential may preach, hold revivals, or do other religious work of any type under the direction of a Licensed or Ordained Minister. Beginning ministers must hold this credential for a period of 1 - 2 years before applying for higher credentials depending upon their proven ministry.



May be issued to those ministers who are working part-time or full-time as a pastor or evangelist, conducting services. These credentials will be issued only AFTER two (2) years of ministry experience.


May be issued to those who have been pastors or evangelists consistantly four years or more. Applicants for this credential must have a mature and proven ministry. An applicant’s life must be above reproach.Applicants for License and Ordination must have experienced the Baptism of the Holy Ghost according to Acts 2:1-4. Each application is considered individually by the Credential Committee. All questions on the application must be completed before it will be presented to the committee for consideration. Failure to present a completed application may result in delay in approval and processing of the credentials requested.