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Association of International Gospel Assemblies, Inc.
411 South Third St. DeSoto, Missouri 63020 phone (636) 586-3641
Association of International Gospel Assemblies, Inc 
World Missions
Chairman: Jack Morgan
Secretary/Treasurer: Paula Morgan
Committee Member: Larry Young

National Coordinators in Europe
Northern  Ireland: Rev. James Burney  
Scotland:Rev. Robert Evans
National Coordinator in Canada
Rev. Ronie J. Estay
National Coordinators in Central America
Rev. Alfred Morgan
Rev. Febe Morgan
National Coordinator to the Philippines
Rev. Stacy Keith Jackson
National Chairman: Rev. Donald Soriano
Vice-Chairman: Rev. Celia B. Soriano
National Secretary: Rev. Anita O. Gomaya
National Treasurer: Rev. Agusto B.Gomaya
National Commitee Members
Rev. Angelo Cayabas
Rev. Santiago Domalio
Rev. Noli Tinong
From the very begining in 1962, the AIGA has been a missionary minded association.
Your support of the AIGA Missionary Programs help our National Leaders in Ministering to the Spiritual and Physical needs of the people by:
💢 Ministry of the Word
💢 Training Ministers
💢 Feeding and Clothing the Poor
💢 Maintaining Orphanages
💢 Maintaining Schools
💢 Providing Clean Water
💢Caring for the Elderly
Please consider a regular monthly donation in support of these outreaches.  Contact the International Headquarters at 1-636-586-3641 or by writing to:
Association of  International Gospel Assemblies Inc.
411 South Third Street - DeSoto, Missouri 63020
or by email using the contact page.